Friday, July 30, 2010

With 7.5 hours left, there's a tie!

Let's get right to the point: You and your team have 7.5 hours left to get into the Top 3!  Here are the current standings:

Snappy Feet 44 points
MS is BS 44 points
Team Jenny 34 points
Team Heinen 19 points
Jacki's Determined Soles 15 points
Bink's Bodyguards 14 points
Team Sky Big 13 points
Team Noni 9 points
WAMS 8 points
MS OHANA 8 points
Team Women Into Sole Power 6 points
MonSter Slayers 5 points
Willies's Walkers 4 points
Tracey's Trailblazers 4 points
The Robert D. Jensen "Great Dane" Team 4 points
Team MS Fits 4 points
Hearts & Soles 3 points
Fox Trotters 3 points
Swift Steppin' Sissons 2 points
Mike's Mushers 2 points
A Walk to Remember 2 points
Willing Wanderers 1 point
Tiki Treckers - Marching for Mom 1 point
Third Wednesdays 1 point
Team Greykell 1 point
Team FORZA 1 point
St. Tim's STRIDES for MS 1 point
Pro Vita 1 point
Our Dogs Rule 1 point
Mow Cow MS Crew 1 point
Daava 1 point

Congratulations to all of the teams participating in Team Challenge: MS-opoly and good luck in the final hours! :)

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