Friday, May 14, 2010

Team Bonding: Volunteer Together!

Ever notice bikers watching out for you on the Challenge Walk MS weekend? Ever notice the volunteers putting up route signs for you? Some of these outstanding volunteers are apart of another great event call Bike MS: Beyond the Beltway. Support those who support you! Come crew or volunteer at Bike MS on June 12  13!

Top 5 jobs we need you to fill:
  1. Truck Drivers - Help get gear and supplies to our sites.
  2. SAG Drivers - Provide transportation and support to bikers who might need assistance along the route. Must have own bike rack on vehicle.
  3. Route marking sweep - Help the bikers get where they need to go by setting up and taking down the route signs.
  4. Rest Stop/Pit Stop Volunteers - Monitor a checkpoint along the route. Make it fun and festive with decorations. For extra fun get your entire team involved.
  5. Medical/First Aid - Trained medical professionals are needed at all points along the route to monitor injuries and the well being of bikers. Requirements: Paramedic, EMT, Nurse (LPN and RN), Doctor, or Podiatrists certification/license.

1 comment:

  1. HI EVERYONE! Wanna come out and have some fun at MS Bike!? I'm trying to get a group of MS Challenge Walkers to help me serve lunch to all the bike riders on Satuday June 12th. They support our Challenge Walk, now let's support them! Please contact me at: for details.
    THANKS! ~ginger