Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome! We're new here :)

Thanks for taking the first step towards finding a cure by visiting here to learn more about Capital Challenge Walk MS presented by Security Storage and hopefully share your thoughts, experiences, memories and ideas with your fellow (and potential!) Challenge Walk MS participants.

This is a place where everyone - walkers, volunteers, crew members, team captains, donors, supporters and even a curious passers-by can learn more about Capital Challenge Walk MS not only from the National Capital Staff, but from each other. Want to author a guest post? Let us know! Have a 'picture's-worth-a-thousand-words' photo from a previous Challenge Walk MS or team event? Share it! You can always reply to threads on the blog, or send them directly to CapitalChallengeWalkMS@MSandYOU.org for us to post.

Let’s start with something simple: What is Challenge Walk MS to you?


  1. Challenge Walk MS is an opportunity for me to ensure I am continuing to engage life and the world around me, rather than becoming a recluse in my home (like I have for the past two years).

    I'm planning a training regimen, which will permit me to exercise and maintain mobility longer, and help me to improve some of the symptoms that have been an issue (weight gain, spasticity, balance, etc.)

    Finally, the Challenge Walk MS means getting us one step closer to finding a cure or preventing anyone else from getting MS.

  2. Challenge Walk is the ultimate fruition of months of planning, fundraising, spreading awareness, laughing, venting frustrations, rallying, and coming together for a cause that so needs our support. It's a weekend where we are reminded that we're never alone in the fight, and our little steps each and every day lead to successes in leaps and bounds in the (hopefully near) future.

    I'm so proud and honored to be in this fight with you guys!

    - Angela Gunder (MS is BS)